"Transformed in the Love we bring new life "


This is our charismatic motto that is propelling us, the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and of Saint Mary of Guadalupe, in the stage of preparation for our XIII Ordinary General Chapter, to be held, with the grace of God, from July 22th to August 8th of this year 2017.

A General Chapter aims to renew, in the light of the word of God and the signs of the times, the experience of the charism and of all aspects of the consecrated and apostolic life of a religious institute.

In addition, every six years that this event is celebrated in our Congregation, the period of government of the current Superior General ends and another can be elected (or re-elected) to lead the Congregation for the next six years, together with a team, made up of five Counselor sisters, who are also elected by the Chapter Assembly.

The chapter assembly is composed of a group of sisters who represent the whole Congregation and are elected by majority vote to the internal of the same each time there is a chapter.

The General Chapter is an ecclesial event, since the Congregation belongs to the very life of the Church In the congregation and with the congregation lives its charism in the service of the Kingdom, strengthening the great pastoral activity that seeks the transformation of society, families and life of each brother or sister since we are all called to achieve the fullness of realization as a person, the image of God.

We hope, and we wholeheartedly wish, that the success of our General Chapter be given according to the sentiments and criteria of the Heart of Jesus. And that its fruits may be reflected not only in the life of each of the religious women who belong to this Work, but also have repercussions for our apostolates: colleges, elderly homes, collaboration in the priestly ministry, evangelization with the indigenous people, and in the diocesan and parochial pastoral activities we carry out.

We ask all our families, friends and acquaintances to support us with their prayers for our General Chapter. We invite you to make the following prayer for this intention as many times as you want. You can download and share it from Facebook SD Maria Amada Sanchez.




Prayer for the XIII Ordinary General Chapter of the MSCGpe.


Holy Trinity, a community of life and love, direct the General Chapter of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and of Saint Mary of Guadalupe, to be a response to conversion, renewal and missionary departure.

Good Father, we thank you for all the gifts that throughout their congregational history have received from You, grant them to new their charism and to renew with boldness and courage the mission entrusted by you to the Church, at the service of the Kingdom.

Heart of Jesus, enliven in the Missionary Sisters the humanism of your Incarnation, so that together we may extend your reign of mercy and compassion, preferably where life cries out, being sensitive to the needs of the world, to execute the loving project of the Father.

Holy Spirit, fill them with love, wisdom, strength and apostolic zeal to take the present and future of the Congregation, with a great sense of belonging and identity, like your Servant Maria Amada del Niño Jesus.

Holy Mary of Guadalupe, you who accompanied our people in the growth of faith, accompany them in their process of reconfiguration and in the acceptance and experience of the determinations emanating from their Chapter. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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