Educational Mission

Our Congregation , which from its origins as an vital activity assumed the christian education of poor children, has the primary apostolate of education of the new generations .

Our educational apostolate with children and young people have the following purposes:

  1. Educate them fully , so that each one can : develop in harmony their physical, moral and intellectual abilities. Adquire a perfect sense of responsibility, learn to make right use of her/his freedom and be prepare for active participation in social life.
  2. Lead them to Christ , enhancing the learning process and show them by the example of our lives, so each student discover the merciful love that God has for them and has it is manifest in the Heart of Jesus.
  3. Guide them in the true faith to achieve "a harmonious unity of the divine and the human , Gospel and culture, faith and life," so that they can respond to their christian vocation and become apostles of the Sacred Heart , being humble and show solidarity with other men and women of their time.
  4. To promote in them piety and a life of grace, "to create in the souls of children and people, a real throne of love to the Heart of Jesus and his mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary " .
  5. Promote the education community to " assume its role of forming disciples and missionaries, as Mother Maria Amada said: " The goal of our schools is to get on each student an apostle of love and devotion to the Sacred Heart"



Education in the Faith in schools


Education in the faith is the summit of the formation of a person and the most appropriate goal. And we encourage the development of people in faith, in their prayer life, their participation in the liturgy and the apostolic work. Therefore, evangelization and catechesis are essential in our schools.



Foster Homes

The objective of this apostolate is to develop well rounded boys and girls, and participate in their home formation so they will be ready for life, and they will integrate in society as responsible true christians.



Collaboration in the priestly ministry


According to our founding charism, attention to the priestly ministry is an apostolate that allows us to work on the extension of the reign of Christ in the priestly heart, to work together on the glory of God especially through prayer, testimony and devotion.

We can make possible this apostolate through the parish: offices, catechesis, liturgy, and other parochial activities, as well as in communities of priests, seminaries and retreat houses.





"Ad Gentes" Mission

This mission "is to share the experience of the event of the encounter with Christ, bear witness and announce it from person to person, community to community, and from the church to the ends of the world".

One of our primary tasks is to proclaim Christ to all peoples so that the Gospel may reach all men, so that the Reign of the Heart of Jesus become a reality in the whole world.



Nursing Homes

We carry out this mission with the elderly, trying to incarnate in us the love of the Heart of Jesus for them. Helping them to appreciate this stage of their lives, to increase the flame of faith, and to live following Christ in their present condition. So they can take part in the Paschal Mystery and live in grace and friendship with God in the twilight of their existence. In this way we wish to contribute, so the Heart of Jesus reigns in all these tired members of His Mystical Body.


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