“One of the fruits of the doctrine of the Church in communion, in recent years, has been the awareness that its various members can and should join efforts, in an attitude of collaboration and exchange of gifts, in order to participate more effectively in his ecclesial mission. The laity offer religious families the rich contribution of their secularity and their specific service, because they are also called to participate in the pastoral mission of the Church, first with the witness of their lives and, secondly, with actions in the field of evangelization, liturgical life, and other forms of apostolate.

The charisms of the founders and foundresses, having emerged for the good of all, must once again be placed at the center of the Church itself, open to communion and the participation of all the members of the people of God. 

Aware of the need for the participation of the laity in our charism and mission, under the impulse of the Holy Spirit and supporting the wishes of the Church, we will share the richness of our charism, spirituality and mission with the laity. In this way we will also make the longing of our Mother María Amada del Niño Jesús, to form a legion of apostles of the Divine Heart. Therefore, we will work to form lay groups imbued with spirituality and true devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and a great love for Saint Mary of Guadalupe. All of them will form part of an association that will be governed by its own statutes, following the guidelines of the Church and under the name of: Lay Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Saint Mary of Guadalupe (MLSCGpe)”. (Constitutions of the MSCGpe, No. 71) 

The laity, for their part, since the Second Vatican Council, have gradually become aware of their commitment in the Church as true members of the people of God. Today, the aspiration of lay Christians is to take responsibility for their faith in their hands and to actively engage in ecclesial ministry. This fact is a true sign of the times and a promise for the Church in the world. Religious associations and institutes have understood and welcomed this new breath of the Spirit of God that continues to act in his Church to renew it on its journey towards the Kingdom.






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