Principles and Objectives

The vitality of our Institute and its apostolic effectiveness depends largely on the proper formation of the sisters, which is a lifelong learning process, focusing on the person and questioning by the historical, social, personal, and congregational church, is a constant which has to accompany long lifetime. So in our Institute from training covers vocational accompaniment to death.



Our congregation, trusting in the Holy Spirit the author of all inner transformation, has as objective that each sister is set with the Heart of Jesus and the Virgin of Guadalupe, assuming the charisma, spirituality, and mission, so that she becomes a prophetic witness of His kingdom and become true Missionary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Taking advantage of the collaboration of coordinator sisters and the Formation General Plan, our Institute undertakes and promotes a comprehensive and continuous training of the sisters, so they to live fully their vocation.


In order to have a comprehensive and systematic formation, adapted to the capabilities of each sister, we take care of the following areas: human, Christian, religious, charismatic-spiritual and apostolic.

Initial Formation

Is an educational process consisting of different stages, which require continuity. Each stage is a space to live gradually a freedom so the sisters will conciusly assume their own vocation. The Initial Formation includes includes the postulant, novitiate, and junior stages.




The Aspirants is a preparatory stage to enter our Institute that aims to cultivate from the beginning the vocation that has the young woman, carefully orienting her on a spiritual direction and taking care integral formation of her: human, emotional, Christian, and academic; without letting aside a proper human experience and keeping contact with the family. Will be Aspirants those with not the right age, maturity or studies required to enter the Postulant Stage.



The Postulate is the initial formation stage that precedes and prepares the young woman to be admitted to the novitiate. It aims to provide the human and Christian foundation which allows her to answer maturely, with freedom, and responsibility to God's call and to start a life in community life, in the experience of God, in the knowledge of the charism of the Congregation, and the life and work of our Founder Mother, so she can begin to identify herself with our religious family to which she wants to belong.

The minimum age to enter the Postulate Stage is 17 years and the maximum is 30. This stage will last for two years.





Its purpose is that the novice live a profound and joyful experience of God's love, that she  try and learn the essential and primary requirements of a religious life in our Congregation, according to our charisma. That she you can verify by herself the authenticity of her call; and that in order to achieve perfection in quality, she take to the practice the evangelical precepts of chastity, poverty and obedience.


First Vows

The Juniorate is the formation stage comprising from first profession and before perpetual profession. During this period, the formation of the sisters is according to their own capacity, "spiritual, apostolic, doctrinal, and practical."

The duration of this stage is six years, the latter year is for immediate preparation for perpetual profession, during which the sister must consciously focus on her consecration, in order to ratify freely, voluntarily, and definitely their commitment to Christ, the Church, and the Congregation.



Perpetual Vows

The Consecrated Live is a "progressive assimilation of Christ's feelings", and it last the whole life. Therefore, the Missionary of the Sacred Hearth of Christ and Saint Mary of Guadalupe is called to a constant growing in the Love of Christ according to our congregational charisma.

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