The origin and history of our flag coincides with a very important event for our Congregation: its diocesan approval.

In 1947, Mother María Amada del Niño Jesús Sánchez Muñoz, Superior General and Founder of Our Institute - who at that time was recognized as Pia Union, with the same name that she now bears - communicated the happy news that the Archbishop From Mexico, Don Luis María Martínez had received from Rome, from the Sacred Congregation of Religious, the Rescript indicating that there was no objection so that our Pious Union could be erected as a Religious Congregation of Diocesan Law; and that, the Most Excellent Lord had already indicated for said event on September 5 of that same year.

Our Founding Mother also rushed to inform all the Communities of the Congregation of this very encouraging news, giving the guidelines for an adequate preparation, fervent and full of thanks to God, indicating the date when they should all be in the House. Mother to celebrate this event.

Mother Maria Amada had expressed before such approval, her wish that our Institute had a flag in which the Congregational shield was made manifest, which some time ago the Sisters who had creativity for drawing had begun to make some sketches. She finally turned to his brother Don Catarino Sánchez, whom we called Our Uncle, who was an excellent draftsman and designer in carpentry work. He, as always, was ready to collaborate in the development and improvement of the design until his sister was satisfied and approved it.





Our Founding Mother wanted the flag to be ready for the Thanksgiving Mass and the shield had yet to be embroidered, as this work, like others, was done by hand; and the date of the event was very close.

Of what is represented on the shield and the legend inscribed on it, Our Mother did not give any written description, but she transmitted to the Mothers and to each of her religious the meaning of each of its elements through her spirituality. Hence the commitment to give it the fair value that it represents together with the flag of the Congregation.



Cross on the crown:

  • Indicates the purpose of the living love of the Heart of Jesus that consumes and longs to embrace all hearts.
  • It is the element on the crown from where Jesus reigns and this is his royal scepter.
  • For us it is the establishment and extension of his reign.


  • Jesus Christ is King of all men "all power has been given to me" Mt. 18,28
  • He has founded a spiritual Kingdom "My kingdom is not of this world" Jn. 18.36
  • Reign of the Heart of Jesus.


  • Curtains typical of a royal throne, it is the ornament of the throne of love that is offered to the Heart of Jesus

Jesus's Heart

  • It is the center of the shield, it symbolizes the Reign of the Heart of Jesus.
  • It is the center, the motor of our life and of our religious consecration within our Congregation
  • By the same words of Jesus to Saint Margaret Mary "Behold the Heart that has loved men so much ..."
  • Symbol of universal love, which in this case is the culmination of divine and human love.

World and clouds:

  • We will establish the Reign of the Heart of Jesus in the world through the hands and example of the Blessed Virgin Mary in her dedication to Guadalupe through sacrifice, love and the apostolate that are a summary of our charism.


With these symbols it is clear that our Congregation is called to follow Christ our Lord very closely, so that with ardent love and apostolic zeal, it works tirelessly, without fear of the sacrifice that this implies, so that the Love of his Sacred Heart reigns in the hearts of all men in the world; always having, as Model and Protectress for our consecrated and apostolic life, our Mother the Blessed Virgin Mary.

(Information provided by the R.M. María de las Nieves Rodríguez Solórzano, MSCGpe - Civil name: Esther de Jesús Rodríguez Solórzano - First successor to the R.M. Founder María Amada del Niño Jesús).






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