Functions of the General Government


With the passing of time, the way of integrating the Government team has changed in the Congregation in terms of number of members and their respective functions. Currently, according to our Constitutions, a new government team is elected every six years and it is constituted as follows:

Superior General: She is the supreme internal authority of the Congregation, assisted by her Council. Her mission consists mainly of:

• Promote fidelity to the will of God, the communion of unity, love and adherence to the Magisterium of the Church and obedience to its orientations in all the sisters; the spirit of our Mother Foundress and the experience of our Constitutions and of all the legislation of our Congregation.

• To be for the Congregation a sign of God's love, for her continuous life of prayer and her caring charity towards all.

• To promote and maintain as true Mother, the unity of our religious family in the same spirit.

First Counselor: She is the Vicar General and acts as Superior General if she is impeded or comes to cease in her office within six years, by resignation, death or deposition. Under these cases, she is responsible of convoke the General Chapter as soon as possible and before six months. It is also her responsibility to attend to the Prefecture of Charism and Spirituality and to follow up on ongoing formation in coordination with the provincial and regional Superiors. She periodically visits the houses in order to support his community projects and to promote them in the personal and community experience of their consecrated life.

Second and third Counselors: Together they form the Prefecture of Mission, so they help the Superior General to promote and encourage the apostolic spirit in all the sisters; and they do it through formative projects and visits to each one of the works of the Congregation, to evaluate, encourage, advise and promote, both the sisters and the personnel who support or work in the different fields. The second Counselor is responsible for the schools and boarding schools; the third Counselor is responsible for nursing homes, collaboration with priests and missions.

Fourth Counselor: She is in charge of the  Prefecture of Formation, so she is the first person in charge of the Vocation Ministry, assisted by a team; to coordinate and advise the formators in the performance of their functions in the initial formation stages: aspirants, postulants, novitiates and juniors. Likewise, they have the right and obligation to be in contact with the sisters formed to support and verify their formation process.

Fifth Counselor: Coordinates the Prefecture of Administration, being at the same time the General Treasurer. It is in charge of the Institute's administrative goods and services. It corresponds to her to promote the good spirit and the correct use of the economic goods in the communities, according to our constitutions. It also deals with promoting the formation of the sisters who provide the service of local treasurers. 



XIII General Government. 2017 – 2023

General Superior– R.M. Virginia Morfín Figueroa

General Vicar – M. María Felícitas Valle Sánchez (2017 – 2018) 

Prefecture of Formation – M. Lucía Gómez Arizmendi

Prefecture of Apostolates (Colleges, boarding schools) – M. Rosa María Camacho Pérez

Prefecture of Apostolates (Mission, Collabortion with the Priest Ministry, Nursing Homes, MLSCGpe) – M. Jovita Pelayo Vázquez

Prefecture of Administration – M. Francisca Escobedo Lozano 

NOTE: Due health reasons M. María Felícitas Valle Sánchez left the position of General Vicar, she was replaced by M. María Eduarda Morales Rea.

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