Sacred Heart -

Since the Sacred Heart of Jesus is the center of our spirituality, love and reparation must be the proper characteristics of our Congregation.

In order to manifest with increasing commitment and authenticity love and reparation in our life and mission, we will take into account what our Founding Mother says: Every daughter of the Congregation, when contemplating “Christ destroyed on the cross and so badly reciprocated”, has to move “to repair, with unlimited love” the ravages that sin has caused in our person, in our community, in the priestly and consecrated life and in the entire society; for injustice, hatred, wars and all the evils that plague the world.

"Devotion to the Sacred Heart is devotion to the Blessed Sacrament." Since Jesus took our humanity, incarnating himself in the most pure womb of Mary and wanted to perpetuate his love and his redemptive work in the Eucharistic mystery, we will live our spirituality intensely, for the love and worship of the Holy Eucharist and the frequent meditation of the Passion of Christ.


Mariana Guadalupana -

Our religious life, in order to be an authentic follower of Christ, must tend to be a perfect imitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in her total consecration to the person and work of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

We will generously promote the worship of such a good Mother, particularly the liturgical one, as well as the practices and exercises of piety towards Her, recommended by the magisterium of the Church, especially "the recitation of the holy rosary".

Due to the historical circumstances of its foundation, our Congregation has the Blessed Virgin as patron and protector in her dedication to Saint Mary of Guadalupe, since she is the loving Mother who tender and caring accompanies the birth of this people to faith. At her example, we will work in the extension of the Reign of the Heart of Jesus with humility and simplicity, going like She to the smallest and most needy.


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