The Missionary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Saint Mary of Guadalupe, by reason of her vocation, is called to witness and proclaim the merciful love of the Father; for this reason she will focus her existence on the encounter with God and will form a prayerful community with her sisters, imitating Jesus, who lived in continuous communication with his Father. "Very early in the morning, before dawn, he got up, went out, went to a lonely place and there began to pray" (Mk 1:35).

Our Congregation is essentially apostolic, by its nature, therefore, daily, personal and community prayer is indispensable and vitally important for building fraternal life in common and for our service to the Church and to our brothers to be fruitful. Because, says the Lord: "Without me you can do nothing" (Jn. 15, 5).



1. Primacy of prayer

Our religious consecration constitutes a total belonging to the Heart of Jesus, puts our whole being and life facing God and makes us live only for Him. This consecration requires us to cultivate "with assiduous commitment the spirit of prayer and prayer itself" that Help us discover God who loves us, in our brothers, in events and in all of creation. (cf. Jn.4, 10. 23).

Faithful to the motions of the Holy Spirit and to the demands of our own consecration, prayer in our Institute must bear the seal of a spirituality that has its roots in the very will of God and, according to our Mother Foundress, must occupy the first place in our life, because it is an essential means to love God without measure; for this reason we dedicate at least one hour to personal prayer daily.

“We should never settle for just praying when we are in the chapel; we must work day by day so that our whole life is a continuous prayer ”. Therefore, all activities will be carried out in a prayerful attitude.

2. Apostolic and reparative prayer

The Missionary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Saint Mary of Guadalupe must live prayer as an expression of her apostolic commitment. Your constant supplication should be: Queen Divine Heart of Jesus; and that he deigns to make it an instrument for the extension of his Reign.

In your prayer and in all your actions, you will take into account the spirit of reparation of our Congregation, so that it contributes to the restoration of the divine order.












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