Vocational Coaching


The goal of the Vocational Coaching is to guide all those who hear the vocational call, on free will, to the Lord's invitation "Follow Me".

Christian life, discernment and pre-religious life

Its aim that the young woman get into deep dialogue with God, so she can listen to her heart the call to serve the Kingdom. That it becomes s place where she can harmonize her vocational call and her project of live.

This process aims to target the young women that is characterized by their desire to deepen even more in their call to serve the Kingdom. They are invited to consider a project of Christian life, in which they can project themselves better for the service to the Kingdom of God. It arouses in them an interest in this project and make them mature as people aware of themselves as well as get to know more deeply Jesus as the path to personal fulfillment. Following Jesus is presented as a project of life under the light of our spirituality as Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

It is proposed as a way of action and training three sessions per year: Christian Life Journey, Discernment and Pre-Religious life. It would be emphasize the importance of support during the process of vocational discernment of the young woman.

At the end of this process, she should be able to decide as a project of life if the MSCGpe Vocation is her God's call. We will try to help her in this process by providing spiritual and human tools that help her to discern, so her response to this invitation of God should be in a mature and will free manner.

The candidate in this stage must be supported constantly on the spiritual plane through interviews, these will be made by the vocational promoter or other MSCGpe sister.

According to each one personal vocational discernment, there is the opportunity to experience involvement on one of the communities of the Congregation, if the candidate  the girl asks for it in writing to the Superior General.


The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe offer young women with vocational concerns vocational support which aims to accompany the young in their process of growth and maturation in following Jesus, helping them to recognize the protect that God has for their life and to live according to Him, making present the Reign of the Heart of Jesus in our world.

The work during this stage is intended to stir, and discern, and support the vocation. Here it is possible to detect and monitor in depth the concerns and vocational signs appearing in young possible to be call. It is one of the main dynamics that helps young people to customize their specific Christian life project.

This stage provides the possibility for the young to express and to make a conscious assimilation of the process and this is only possible through dialogue and personal knowledge. By the same token it is best suited to solving doubts and personal difficulties assimilating the human and Christian values​​, clarify the meaning of their own story, starting in prayer, join in the search for God, and to help discover their position to serve the church and men.

The duration of this stage is about a year before admission to the Institute or before taking another life decision.


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Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe

Offering of the Rosary

O Virgin Mary, on the morning of Pentecost you've presided with your prayer the beginning of the mission of the Church under the action of the Holy Spirit. We offer this, our prayer that with your intercession, will obtain from the Lord a new springtime of vocations for the priesthood and consecrated in the Church. Be Thou, the morning star that guides the Church, always docile to the Lord's command, especially in these difficult times but full of hope.


Praying for vocations is an implementation of the mandate of Jesus: "Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers to the harvest." This command challenges our faith and challenges our awareness as people baptized. It is the first service we can offer to the great cause of vocations. We need apostles, missionaries, priests, religious, missionaries and committed people who, in the name of Christ, help us to achieve the goods of salvation. The first thing to do is pray, pray continually.

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Hearth of Jesus, the thank you because to lay your eyes on us, and your are called us to follow you, to live with you and row into the deep.

We thank you for the talents that are given us. We want to multiply them for You, who are in our brother. Please help us to be merciful, compassionate beings, and generous to make present in the world your kingdom of love.

Relying in your infinite mercy, we ask you to grant us many and holy vocations,  a guarantee vitality of our charisma, and a gift from your Heart to the Church.

Mary, Mother of our Congregation help us to show with our life "Here I am Oh God to do your will" with a generous yes as Our Mother Maria Amada did.

Good Father, we pray in the name of Christ our Lord, Amen.


Sacred Hearth of Jesus, You The Good Shepard, we ask you to bless your Church with many and saint priests. Please strength the chosen ones, and help them to grow in love and sanctity so the can answer joyful and fully your call.


With faith on the maternal intercession of Maria, Mother of the Church, we ask you to send to the "Congregación de Misioneras del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús y de Santa María de Guadalupe" enthusiastic young people willing to consecrate their lives to serve your Kingdom, fervently loving your Hearth, being present for children, youngster and the most needy of you.


Grant to their parents thrust on You and on their children, so the children can choose wisely and freely their vocation.


We ask this to You , who with the Father and the Holy Ghost, live and reign , forever and ever, Amen.


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