50th Anniversary of the Pontifical Approval of the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearth of Jesus and Saint Mary of Guadalupe



“The Lord has done great things for us and we are glad.” 

Yes! we are very glad and we want to share this blessing with you, so you can help us thank God, our Father. He has being so merciful to this religious congregation that emerged in 1926 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, by the express will of the Heart of Jesus, to extend his reign of love, as he told his Servant Maria Amada,

who docile to the Holy Spirit undertook and carried out this grand mission as founder, with firm faith and hope, overcoming major problems in order to receive diocesan approval in 1947, and later in 1964, the approval of the Holy See during the pontificate of S.S. Pope Paul VI.

These 50 years mean for us a continuous blessing of God, because it has allowed us to be humble instruments of his church in spreading the Reign of the Sacred Heart; in spite, above our possibilities and limitations, He has held his Work along this journey and, despite our shortcomings in living our consecration and the times we have failed to bear witness of His infinite love, constantly have come new vocations, young enthusiasts who decide to pursue the ideal of sanctity traced by the Servant of God Maria Amada.

There have been many challenges that the congregation has faced since 1964, when the congregation had more than sixty communities. First, the implementation of Second Vatican Concil, which involved a period of crisis, uncertainty and desertions; but in the end helped us strengthen the ecclesial spirit, to mature and become more stable. Second, in 1967, when not yet had to assimilate the post-conciliar changes, our Congregation lived a shocking event, which part in two its history: the death of our Mother Foundress and Genral Superior, the Servant of God Maria Amada of Jesus Child. It was so much love, and so big the trust placed in her sisters that for many years she remained at the head of the Wok, and with such strenght she remained active despite her age and her health, directing and encouraging communities, that nobody considered before the possibility that one day she will be no longer with us and that the congregation had to learn to walk without the physical presence of its founder. However, we passed this painful and difficult time with faith and hope; with the awareness that the Work was in the hands of God and He will keep it going on.

In recent decades, one of the most significant challenges has been the urgent and continuing need to discern the signs of the times and respond from our identity as consecrated, to the demands that postmodernism poses. This reality has resulted that the promotion of vocations and their formation, not easy tasks, present new challenges and it has been necessary to give it priority in our congregational projects.

After the Servant of God Mother Maria Amada leadership of our congregation, the following General Superiors were in charge: RM María de las Nieves Rodriguez, RM Margarita Solís Heredia, RIP; RM Josefa Baltierra Mauricio, RM Petra Maria Rojas González, RM Maria Rosalba Green Castro, RM María del Carmen Martínez Barraza. Each one in their period of service in the government of the Congregation, put its best to promote the experience of our charism and to promote the effectiveness of evangelical apostolic works. Reverend Mothers, thanks for your generous devotion in favor of our Congregation!

Thanks also to all the sisters who lived through the pontifical approval; both those already in the House of the Father, and those who still live among us; thank you those who arrived later to become part our communities. Thank you all for your loyalty to the gift received.

Thank you, Fathers and Brothers Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe for enrich us and edify us with the living of the charism that unites us, for your fraternal presence, for being with us, especially in the most significant moments in our history.



Thanks Lay Brothers (MLSCGpe), to respond to God's call and be "Legion of Apostles of the Sacred Heart", so much longed to see for the Servant of God Maria Amada in service to His Reign of Love. You are part of our great spiritual family.

Thanks to all our dear family members for helping us live our vocation, to give us your love, to pray for us and to be present in the diverse circumstances of our life as consecrated.

Thanks to all who have given us their friendship and support as benefactors, friends and colleagues of the Work of the Heart of Jesus, from the different places where our communities reside. That God, Our Father, has in His Kingdom those who have been called to His presence, and continue filling with blessings those who remain in their mission next to us.

Finally, for you to know a little more of our reality, our congregation currently has 325 sisters in 47 communities: 37 in Mexico, 5 in the United States and  the last 5 in Colombia, Belize, Honduras, Spain and Italy.

We reiterate our thanks for letting us get to you our message of faith. We also thank you for helping us live our vocation with your prayers, for your presence, for your comments and wise and accurate corrections, for your understanding, and your forgiveness when we have failed you.Thank you! We have you in our prayers!

M. Virginia  Morfín Figueroa, MSCGpe.

General Superior





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